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Jesus Will Provide

Nini, as I call her is my not-so-little sister. While chatting with her this morning, she asked when could we possibly go home. “I don’t know” was my answer followed by a narration of all my pessimism and worries. Before I could pound my keyboard any longer, I glanced at our chat window and her reply was “Jesus will provide.”

Her words were simple yet powerful. I always remind her to pray. I feel responsible to be her guide in her spiritual walk. Yet this morning, she’s seen the apprehensive side of her big sister who was taken over by anxiety and all she could say is “Jesus will provide.” It was an unsolicited advice but that is what my spirit exactly needs to be reminded of.

Jesus will provide. I’m glad to have heard this from and be reminded by my not-so-little sister. I am so blessed! I may not have a perfect family but we rely on the Lord’s great work in our lives. I believe we are still in an on-going process for refinement and it isn’t always easy but He’s always been there through it all.

Jesus will provide. He always has and I know He still will.

Thanks sister dear...

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