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A Big Procastinator

That's what I am when it comes to studying!

I can have a whole lot things to do just to put studying aside. I can do the laundry, cook, bake, clean the house, email and chat with friends online and then generate several more and more excuses.The end result is not so good. I am two lessons, two readings and two assignments behind. Tomorrow is scheduled for a new lesson but I am not even done with the 2nd lesson yet and have not even started my readings nor my assignments.

Who's to blame? No one but myself. I know I have to cope with my lessons but it seems like my energy is all consumed from work. Studying is the least I wanted to do when I get home, especially now, that I am overwhelmed with the urge to move out of our apartment. I'd prefer to prepare and sort things out for our exit rather than listening to the video-taped lessons.

Oh well, I know I can't take my studies for granted just like this. So by hook or by crook I need to make up for my midterm.

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