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We woke up earlier than usual this morning. After taking a shower, I decided to call Joan because I have always been postponing my calls to her since last month. We had a long chat until I finally have to leave for work. I was still happily talking with her on the phone when I closed the apartment's door.

At work,I turned on my computer and logged on then went to the restroom to comb my hair. Back to my desk,I looked at the phone wondering if hubby is already home. The routine would be- he calling me so I would know that he is home then we eat our breakfast after we hang up the phone. But it seems like it's taking him forever to give me a ring this morning. I have already prepared my breakfast and ready to eat when the phone rang."You won't believe what I saw when I came back," his tone somewhat uncanny. I didn't know what to expect but I wanted him to go straight to the point. Our next door neighbor was in our apartment! Hubby caught him in the act of looking for more things in our room while his watch was already on the table, the laptop closed, its cooling pad with two cellphones on the bed and another one already removed from the charger.

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However,he was not ready to pack and leave yet. According to hubby, he seemed to be still searching for more stuff he could bring with him. Too unfortunate for him, we don't have anymore costly possessions other than those he had already found. Hubby claimed to have madly interrogated him and his alibi was he thought it was his apartment because it was unlocked. What kind of excuse is that? All doors in the apartment are numbered clearly that even a grade school pupil will be able to distinguish one from the other. Given the benefit of the doubt, he should be able to tell if he mistakenly entered our apartment as soon he opens the door. If so, he would not get himself farther than the living room and do what he did.

Hubby called security and the news reached the management. Their measure was replacing the door lock with a new one. Cops came and interrogated the guy. Their conclusion- the guy being disabled (Yes, one of his legs is artificial and he can't walk straight. I saw him aided with crutches one time.) was just being opportunistic and the door could have been possibly left unlocked. Okay, I admit maybe it was my fault being the last person to get out from the apartment. I clearly remember locking it although I know I should have double-checked it. Hubby couldn't tell if we lost anything yet. He asked the guy to show him his wallet and pockets and there was nothing in there except for some dollar bills and I don't think any of those is ours because I don't usually withdraw money and keep it in our apartment.

Thank you Lord, it was JUST that. Nobody was hurt and we lost nothing. I know You were already there even before hubby arrived.

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J o a N said...

oh my!!!! sala ni nako! waaaah!!! bitaw, thanks God jud. Double check your things basin naa nangawala...

donna said...

hehehe...i don't think we lost anything jon. atleast not that we know of. DH & angats jud ko sa? maygani in-a2 lang...=)

Lori said...

OMG...thats awful. Thank God he caught him and no one was hurt!

Dee said...

Thank God indeed that no one was hurt.

I am enjoying reading your entries. :)

donna said...

Lori and dee, thanks for dropping by:)