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I was craving for cheesy baked pasta since last week. Though I wanted to bake some, I was anxious it won't turn out the way I've craved for. Hubby, on the other hand, has been longing for a leche flan (custard cake) since time immemorial. The last time I baked him his favorite, I have to divide it into 8 equal slices so he can have a portion each day for a week’s time. Otherwise, he can consume it all in one day.

As expected, he’s taken more than he should have,
so I decided to stop baking it for sometime.

Leche flan surely is a big YUM but
it’s also considerably unhealthy being made from 12 egg yokes.

My craving plus my boredom plus my desire to please hubby resulted to google-ing for baked lasagna and custard pie recipes yesterday. I thought custard pie would be a good alternative for his favorite since it’s only made of 3eggs. There’s really not much cholesterol involved and it’ll most likely taste the same. And so I skipped my afternoon driving lesson and we headed to get the needed ingredients at Walmart.

I started all the preparations as soon as we got home.

I was pleased with my lasagna...

and so was hubby with his custard pie.

I consider baking as one of my stress therapies. It relaxes me regardless of how long the preparation time is. Although I always combine an existing recipe with my own experiment, the end result would nevertheless make me smile- whether it be good or bad, I count on every outcome as a learning experience.

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Carol Connell said...

All the food you made looks delicious. I'm ready to drool on the keyboard! I enjoy baking and cooking too, but I have to get back to making healthier stuff. :-( With spring coming, we'll probably be eating more fruits and vegetables.

donna said...

Thank for stopping by Carol!

the traveller said...

ka lami oi! luto.e sad ko ha. :D

donna said...

sureness! jon? nakz? ikaw ba to? hehe