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Smack Me!

For some foolish reason, hubby and I got delayed with our daily bible reading schedule and missed prayer and fasting this month. Restlessness shrewdly sneaked into the picture. I personally felt dry and distant from the Lord in our efforts to reach out for Him once again.

Add to that, I have been disturbed with the long idle hours at work. It brought me surfing from one site to another, blog-hopping, checking all my four email accounts several times in a day and even getting online to chat with whoever is available, simply because I wanted to kill time.

When I think about my job, I’m scared. I can’t afford to lose it. Nobody will take the responsibilities I have for my family back home. Who will pay all the bills, all the debts? What will happen to my contract when July comes? Or even before that? These and so many more questions… I want answers and I want them ASAP.

Then many more thoughts...

Before I could muster my stubborn thoughts into something wilder, the Lord interrupted me. He made me remember the lowest times in my life- those times when I did nothing but cry out to Him for help, times when I can only draw my strength from Him because I have nothing left on my own, times when I'd talk to Him all day long because nothing and no one else could comfort me but Him alone. “That was tough!” I uttered to myself. “Yes, tough indeed! But I did take care of everything. Didn’t I?” His reply left me speechless.

I do realize that I cannot thank Him enough for all the good things He’s done and still about to do in my life, yet, here I am worried with my own little world. Could someone please smack me n the face and tell me how BIG the GOD I serve?

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