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Odd Job

As much as I want to write about all the things that have happened this week, I’m not sure I will be able to organize my thoughts into one comprehensive entry. My energy is all burned up with last Saturday’s tasks and I have not completely recovered from it. I still feel pain on my legs which I think was worsen by the heels that I have worn since Sunday to church then Monday through yesterday for work. So today I decided to wear flat hoping to shorten my agony.

Wonder why I’m in such pain and discomfort? I and hubby got ourselves involved into something we haven’t done in ages. We cleaned up an old couple’s backyard that was messed up by the ice storms that came with the winter. Their backyard is big and we have to cut out unwanted branches, grab those that were already broken then sort them out into bundles for pick up. Hubby and a friend originally worked for this couple but when they called hubby last Friday, he cannot contact that friend so I excitedly volunteered to help him. We got to their place around 9AM and finished everything by 4PM.

Well, I’m not really sure if that can be labeled as an odd job but I’m tagging it as such now. I remember how I and my friends would talk about going abroad and how we agree to be contented even with just these so-called odd jobs. Aside from how easy and fun they seem, consider the amount that we can earn compared to the number of hours that we have to work for it in the Philippines.

For this reason, I say that we may have been feeling pain in our bodies for nearly 5 days now however, the 7 hours of work was well worth the pay. We were so blessed to have worked for them since they were really a very nice and generous couple.

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the traveller said...

pwede mag ingon ana ko if anha ko... para pang allowance ba. :D

joan said...

joan diay ni donst... ngek, lahi ang naka login. hehhe. :)

donna said...

hi jon! pede ra basta naa ka kaila nga mgpawork ug ing-ani. na pod gani ko kaila jon nga mgtourist den mg.caregiver sya while on tourist visa.=)