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I love you MORE

I overheard a teammate's conversation with his wife on the phone. Nope, I wasn't eavesdropping! We were working on something when his wife called and I was left with no choice but to pretend that I was busy while they exchanged sweet nothings. It feels good, if not great, to be reminded that someone loves and cares for you more than what you can actually do for the person in return. More often than not, I choose to love or care for people who deserve it most or more preferably, will be able to return me the favor in the way I want or expect it.

Sometimes I am the source and at times I become the recipient. Being the latter, I seldom become contented of what people can afford to give me. I appreciate one thing then I’d expect more. I’d be pleased with the act of one expectation but it doesn’t end there. I’d allow myself to be entangled on the vicious cycle of one expectation to another and to another. The cycle that I am getting into is not just composed of mere expectations. Disappointment and pain comes with it and very seldom happiness. As the former, I think I am always giving it my best. Yet, at the back of my mind, I know am really not. I don’t really give my all ‘coz I just can’t. I just can’t give and give and just get hurt.

Just when I realized about how selfish I am, I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder.

I looked around and found the One Who has always given His all to me- He Who has always loved me unconditionally and faithfully.

It really didn’t matter how unworthy I am, He just gave it all anyway.

He has always been the source and I, always the recipient of His great love.

No matter what I do, I can never do Him enough as much as what He has already done for me.

I stood speechless, shamefully bowing my head but He embraced me one more time.

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