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Apartment Hunting

Hubby and I were too exhausted last Saturday not only with driving around lexington to look for a new place, but also because of the long list of the many better choices that we have but just cannot afford. By "better choices," I mean that these apartments are not only nestled in a good neighborhood but also offer a wide array of amenities from simple recreation to luxurious lifestyle. Pictures below do not necessarily paint a thousand words- not just yet.

Anyway, we are a couple earning not only for ourselves but most importantly for our families. So after careful deliberation and discussion, we settled down to the most affordable one yet with most reasonable basis- a furnished studio type with all utilities paid. We can save a hundred bucks each month which already is a big amount when converted to Philippine peso compared to what was easiest on the pocket among the better choices.

However, being the typical woman fickle-minded that I am, I just cannot decide yet. I found reasons as to why a studio type might not be that pleasant afterall. This made hubby think twice as well. Among the reasons are:
  • Kitchen smell can easily circulate to the whole place causing our wardrobe, pillows, blankets, etc. to smell just like it.
  • There's only one closet which won't be enough for our clothes and two box-like storage that are too small to keep all our other stuff.
  • Privacy- 1BR apartments are better than studio type in case we have visitors.

Undecided as we are, this afternoon we went to see a 1BR apartment which is at most 10 minutes drive to and from my workplace. It is also on a better location compared to the studio type we have previously considered. All units are occupied so we did not have a chance to look what's within but a very kind officemate offered to show us his place. The inside is more likely the same with our apartment but overall I'll say that it's absolutely better. Hubby and I agreed so we submitted our application highly hoping that it will approved.

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