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Not Bad

That's my distance education course's professor's comment when asked about my midterm grade. Of course I wasn't convinced. My test papers were almost blank and I wasn’t really sure with most of my answers.

He announced that he posted the midterm grades on the course website so I wanted to see for myself that my student number indeed indicated the grade he declared I got. Some of my classmates complained that the grades were no where to be found in the course nor yahoo groups website but it took him almost a week to react to those. I thought that maybe he has not really finished computing our grades and what he gave was just based on approximation. Who knows?

With that in mind, I recognize my need to catch up with the course schedule and try hard to complete the assignments.

I checked my email this morning and prioritized opening my professor’s unexpected email. He confirmed he posted the grades. I clicked on the link he gave with mixed emotions of curiosity, excitement and fear. I immediately searched out for my student number and it’s not bad!

And for this, I want to thank my Jesus.

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