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Saturday Unwind

I have an allergy talking about exams after taking them. Even then, I usually avoid conversations about my and other people's answers. I don't like comparing both, only to end up frustrated about how I did with mine. All I want to do is recover from the agony rather than extending it. And so last saturday was one of those times when all I wanted to do was forget about my not-so-long-but-harder-than-expected exam as soon as I submitted my test papers...

Thank God,Lexington Green's waterworks and relaxing atmosphere made it possible.

I envy these ducks' carefree lives. It didn't matter how cold it was. They just enjoyed the moment of being together and look forward to people who'd kindly feed them.

It was getting colder and we were freezing outside so we hopped in the mall and just hang on there to keep ourselves warm...

We ate our packed lunch and headed to our next destination. Since it was really very cold, we decided to skip from our original plan of wandering around a park and just headed off to my all-time favorite- mall hopping/window shopping. I knew I won't go home empty-handed. So there, I settled for a pantyhose and a green dry highlighter for my little bible after an exhausting afternoon of trying on a pair of sandals and another pair and another...

And for the record, thanks to hubby! I appreciate your patience- very very much, for bearing with my kind of unwind.

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