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It's Saturday

.. and I am wide awake at this hour. As much as I want to sleep more and relax for the weekend, I have to get up and start the day early. As much as I want to believe we're fine and we have recovered from the other day's upsetting incident, I know the contrary holds true. We are still haunted by paranoia of what would happen next and what else they arehe is capable of doing.

We are ready to commit a breach of contract on our lease and we will. Our current apartment's management permitted us. Part of me is excited to look for a new place while another part remains apprehensive of the all the preparations and adjustments in sight. This has been a very convenient place for me but safety-wise? FOrget about it. We have been googling for apartments online and we will go sight seeing today. I regret not seeing our current apartment before moving in so I am not making the same mistake.

Oh well, I need to get moving before time beats me up again!

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