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Sunday Blessings

I wake up on Sunday mornings looking forward to chat with my family back home. It gives me peace and joy to know that they are well with the Lord's providence, protection and guidance. I usually wake up late than our normal appointed time to chat but not yesterday. I got up earlier than usual despite the previous day's tiring relaxation. It worried me that they never came online even after half an hour already. I resorted to buying a phonecard to contact them and see what's happening. Hearing my not-so-little sister's voice relieved me from my paranoia. It was just the usual network problem they were having with their internet at home. I talked to my mother and learned that her foot was hurting since Thursday and was asked to refrain from walking as much as possible. I need not know the reason nor care whether it was due to carelessness or not. What I cared for is her need to recuperate from it. It is always hard to console a feeling of concern+worry to a loved one who is hurting, especially that you are separated miles and miles away from them and you really can't see the actual situation. You know they usually keep the whole truth from you to loosen you up from negative emotions.My father made it up to me with the news he's brought with him. His retirement has moved one step up in the process. The course of a military's (or any government employee's) retirement application usually takes forever in the Philippines. I always tell him to pray about it and let the Lord take care of it. And he always agrees and reminds me that the Lord will always be with us.For this, I was blessed to realize that I have put my God aside and was taken over by my worries again. I praised and thanked the Lord after our conversation was cut off.

I did hubby's haircut for fun while cooking rice, sinigang and pancit guisado for our lunch and dinner. At church, Sunday school was finished early so I asked hubby if it would be okay with him that we go to one of the shopping places we went to the previous day. Hubby never says no to wifey so off we went. I agreed to make an express shopping and I did it in approximately 30 minutes for all three shops.

A pink dry highlighter, another pantyhose and a lovely pair of sandals

We were back to church just a minute before the awesome Spirit-filled service. Thank You Jesus!

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Carol Connell said...

Oooh, you know how to make pancit. I love that stuff. Sounds like you had a good Sunday.

Donna said...

Yeah, I love pancit too. When we meet someday, I know what to prepare for our dinner :-)