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Unseen Purpose

Hubby and myself were invited to someone's ministry from church to feed the homeless yesterday. When we were given directions on how to get there, part of me got scared of the place. I have been fetched and brought back to my apartment by the the church van for 3 months. And I remember exactly, one of our stop overs was that very same place. I saw how our van driver would invite people there and be laughed at, ignored and sometimes even threatened. There was once when a drunkard insisted that he wanted to go to church with us but the driver very kindly explained that we don't bring intoxicated people to church. Myself, being new to this foreign country, was literally coping with my breath due to nervousness. I was so scared they'd all come to the van and get us all to trouble. Yeah, sounds exaggerated I know.. Maybe it's just this worrywart in me again.

Anyway, when we got there, hubby was anxious where to park or is it even safe to park there. We called a brother from church and he met us outside of the building. As we entered the building, I couldn't and would not dare to look at any of them. A guy or two approached hubby asking for coins but I didn't look at them either. At the kitchen were people from church preparing the food and I finally relaxed myself. We prayed and the head of this ministry told us that whenever he's doing this, he would always think that he's doing it for his very own brother.

The word was preached with the same message as my title. The young preacher got emotional as he emphasized over and over about each one's unseen purpose. It doesn't matter what each one's past was or what his life is all about today. What's the most important is to realize that each one still has a purpose- a relationship with Jesus. I knew not all of them were touched by the message, maybe not even after the preacher burst into uncontrollable tears during the message. I admire this young man's concern for the homeless people in that building. I admire the group's commitment to this ministry and I'm glad to be part of it yesterday.

I went out of the building relieved from the kind of fear that I always have to deal with whenever I hear anything about the place, get near to it and especially when I'm inside that building. These people's physical appearance may be really scary for me but I know Jesus loves them just the same.

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Ciriaco said...

Hi Donna! :) I am so happy for you. :) Keep doing the good that you are doing there. Proud of you! :)

tanin said...

Ey kuya ry!tenchu for dropping by..u take care..mis u mucho.