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Color the Wind '12

Ruby Tuesday 2

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 
Mine was...
The annual Kite Festival aka Color the Wind was held last Saturday. 
The weather was perfect. 
Although it was still too COLD for me,
walking on a frozen lake sounded waayyy cool. 
Uhhhmmm.. it is SCARY. 
Underneath the prettily laid out blanket of light snow 
hid the slippery pavements of black ice. 
These previously hindered me from fun
I readied myself to combat the cold 
and contend with the deceiving beauty of the lake.
Thanks to our shoe spikes that allowed us to safely explore what seems to be hazardous proximity.
Okay, maybe I'm just being a fraidy- cat!
As you can see, he's brave enough to stand and almost split on the ice without it!
Kinda disappointing...
There wasn't enough wind to fly the bigger kites.
People waited until about 2:00PM or so..
SADLY, no luck at all.
That's fairly fine for me, 
the gorgeous weather was still worth the time
and effort to walk on the slippery iced lake
and click the shutter for a couple shots.

5 squiggly notes..:

Gemma Wiseman said...

Brightly coloured kites and white snow! Dazzling combination!

Leah H. said...

Nemos! Love all those beautiful and bright colors..

Visiting from Rt2- hope you can stop by:)

Deli said...

Great shots :) Love the colors especially of the first one. Thanks for the visit.

J o a N said...

wow donst, love the clear blue sky!!!

anney said...

Cute kites! Too bad there was no enough wind to fly bigger kites.
Happy RT2!
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