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Officially fall

Yesterday, it was.

My tomatoes only gave me two immature fruits.

Can you tell how unhealthy they are?

I blame the shades of this big tree on our patio that deprived them

of their much needed sunlight.

With that outcome, I'll probably switch to the idea of planting lettuce

on the same pots next year.

We'll see...

Did you remember my post talking about budget

and my sweet goal to eradicate unnecessary spending?

Well, I have to confess

I did not have any luck on it.

I surrendered to my desires


just swiped the plastic again...

No, not just for one BUT for TWO pairs of BOOTS!

Hubby did a good job convincing me to get both of them since

they're both LESS than HALF the regular price.

I have to agree with him.

It's a good deal


I say

a smart bargain for the cold season.

2 squiggly notes..:

J o a N said...

i would say, it's a smart buy, donst! hahah! and i can't keep my hands off from my plastic any longer too!!!

donna said...

hahaha..faets jon! ky always jud one for church and one for work..mynalng ky 60% off ang duha..;)