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Maxi Dress in 5 Ways

Wore this lovely dress to church today
with the purple top (outfit 1) in the picture
and got some very sweet compliments.
I love it to pieces
but with fall expected to come early this year, 
I want to keep it suitable 
when the weather starts to cool down.
So here goes the 5 ways..
The last 4 are a very typical for my office wear.

Hope you all had a blessed weekend! :)

7 squiggly notes..:

Syve said...

Nice work, Donst!!! I just realized that you're into fashion na. :D

Happy to read your posts!

Donnalyn@Squigglesss said...

Thanks, Syvz! :) I just learned to love putting pieces together into a nice outfit and am loving it. Kina-career! :D

eden said...

I love all of them. You look great in all of those.

donnalyn said...

Thanks, Eden :)

Apostolic Modest said...

Love the dress!! thanks for your comment on my blog. Glad to have seen your blog

donnalyn said...

@Apostolic Modest: Thanks for dropping by :)

Sheila said...

Pretty dress!! :)

Thanks for the follow! Following you back now via GFC. Keep in touch!!

xo - Sheila