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My first Random 7

My first random 7

7 because I love the number 7.

I decided that I should at least have an entry a week. It doesn’t have to be about a particular topic because no. 1- I am lazy to think deep and no.2- I want it to be a way of winding out from all of life’s frantic jiffies.

Random no. 1
I am sleepy all day today. Why- because I stayed up late for an auction on Ebay.  I went to bed past 12AM aggravated at the loss of the item I was keeping my eye on for a week and the 2hours I could have spent happily in slumber land.

Random no. 2
We had our department meeting this morning. Business updates affirms that the economy is getting better and the company is coping well. Hopefully all will be well.

Random no. 3
I lurve McDonald’s vanilla ice cream cone. That said, I am craving for one now and may grab one from the closest drive thru on my way home.

Random no. 4

Glad and blessed to spend time with Jamar and Ashley last Wednesday. Thanks for the treat guys. We love you all :)

Random no. 5
This is news delayed… But yes, hubby accidentally stepped on my sunglasses that crashed it to pieces so yes, I need a new one.

Random no. 6
I need not only wisdom but patience with this urgent tutorials I’m doing. This isn’t about me Lord. This is all about You.

Random no. 7
No plans over the weekend… just hoping to work on my sewing projects.

I love Fridays! Well, who don’t? Happy Friday people!

2 squiggly notes..:

J o a N said...

this is cool donst. kapoy bitaw huna2 usahay ug topic. copy nya ko ani nga style. ahihi. mwah!

donna said...

hihih...cge go jon:) mwah!