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Cincy, take 2!

Flowers never fail to inspire me of my Creator’s marvelous design of the universe.

I have always wished to visit a flower farm somewhere but the closest we found was...

 - just a tulip garden at the Lexington cemetery.

That stimulated my desire to watch the flower festival in Cincinnati to grow stronger. 
Unfortunately, something unexpected came up so hubby was not very supportive of my plans. 
And so the submissive wife that I am agreed that...

- we visit the Cincinnati zoo and botanical garden instead.

No regrets, I was overjoyed with our decision. 
We got wasted watching all sorts of water, land and air creatures 
and exhausted ourselves posing with the tulips at every angle possible.

I love ‘em long necks...

Off to outlet stores, shopping was our finale.

Kim and I- recharged to go shopping after a long day at the zoo...

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