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Yes, I am after finally allowing myself to plunge into a much needed rest on Saturday before last weekend. I seriously wanted to get well very soon so I religiously took my medicines and refrained from going out into the cold except when I need to. I munched orange slices and gulp down apple juice as much as I can, not only to soothe my congested throat but also trusting my acquired Vitamin C from them would be beneficial. My initiative was surely helpful but I believe prayers were most effective. I missed church for two weeks but was told that I was remembered in prayers for which I am very much appreciative of.


Ah… yes. I am also back to my normal routine. I come to the office between 8-8:30 AM this week and park the car at the back of the building. This way I can do a 10-minute walk to my office desk which totals to 20 minutes a day. I think I am gaining weight although my clothes are not getting tight. Whether this is just paranoia in me or not, I really don’t think one has to gain weight to exercise. Besides, I love walking. I can think, dream, imagine, contemplate or even pray while doing it.


Last week has been. I was given an individual task for the first time in my almost 2 years here. Although a bit nervous, I was able to deliver their request and survived the said week with grace. And I again I say, thank you Jesus!


I have been hoping forever to get some stuff done. Well… at last, I got started with my scrapbook. I did a page of it and realized that it’s an expensive hobby. Although that didn’t change my mind, I have resolved to stick to my penny-pinching techniques to minimize cost for this project. As for sewing, I have already enjoyed my resized sweaters and blouses. I must confess though, I was not very happy with the 1st batch. I blame the material being stretchy and thick to which I am giving myself an NI (needs improvement). Nevertheless, I was pleased looking at myself in the mirror wearing some of those in 2nd batch. I guess I learned from my mistakes with the previous or maybe because the material is simpler to work with. Anyhow, I am planning to start working with the skirts as soon as I can so wish me luck.

That should be all for now 'til my next boring entry.

2 squiggly notes..:

J o a N said...

i miss u... will call u soon. mwaah! :*

donna said...

miss u bunches jon!