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Celebrating 3 years...

I got sick from our most recent Gatlinburg escapade and this cold weather is making it worst for me. This, however, did not hinder me from striving to hit my 7AM time in to the office, not just for the benefit of being able to get off work early but also be able to pick a good parking spot. Nothing makes me happier than walking out of the office and see my precious wagon only a few steps away from the main door.

My head is still congested and I hate this dry cough. Anyhow, I'd like to share pictures of our weekend getaway for our 3rd anniversary even if it's already a week late.

At downtown Pigeon Forge, TN

At Gatlinburg, TN

Dinner at Golden Buffet in Lexington, KY

We sure had a blast! But unfortunately, I don't have the energy to elaborate for now nor make this entry any longer. Til then and wishing everyonea happy weekend. xOXo

2 squiggly notes..:

Carol Connell said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you are feeling better.

donna said...

Thanks Carol..I'm feeling so much better now:)