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House renovation...

... was one of the things that kept us busy on our last trip to the Philippines. I decided to push through with this project without thinking twice.

The budget was limited so have to set our priorities accordingly. As per Mamang’s request, first on the list was to install fences on the extra lot and ensure that Papang’s multicab can be parked within. Next was the house interior that seemed gloomy adding sadness to our hearts as we remember Papang. After tossing all the mess away, double walls were mounted and painted to my favorite shades of light blue. It felt a lot better and surely, some western decor will give it a refreshing ambiance. The kitchen came next and was extended to accommodate the fridge and cabinet, also giving extra space for both our dining and living rooms. The bathroom was our last priority that didn’t demand a lot except for its wall finishing.

It has always been my dream to get my parents a decent house. My ideal was not a mansion but just a basic shelter to cater our family’s needs. With the Lord’s provision, I got myself a small house with an extra lot as my housing loan application easily got approved without any difficulties. Simple as it may seem, it was a dream come true for me. We didn’t have as much money as we have years and years ago but we’ve never been as happy as we are in this little home.

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