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It’s getting hot!

I guess summer is coming sooner than expected. While outdoors can be fun during this time of the year, I still prefer the cold of winter. I really rather freeze in the ice than sweat a ton under the scourging heat of the sun.

Sure, I can turn air conditioning on. But honestly… I want some fresh air with the sweet scent of garden flowers. I wish I live in the beautiful country side of town where I can leave my windows open with gorgeous vinyl shutters on. Maybe it will be pretty relaxing to glance at the some awesome landscape in the comfort of your own yard. I bet the day gets better as soon as you get home from a stressful day at work. Beautiful, beautiful dream…

In reality, we live in an apartment near downtown Lexington. Our little habitat has nothing fancy- not even vinyl shutters on as most houses in the area have. For the time being however, it’s all we need- a shelter.

I dream of bungalows and mansions with a wide lawn, a pool and maybe a gazebo. A garden of flowers and another for vegetables, some fruit trees, puppies and kitties will complete the family. A twin or two will most likely make it home. What a beautiful life that would be…

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