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Grief and Gratitude...

Losing Papang is definitely the most painful ordeal that our family has to go through. Emptiness has held me captive to this day, feeling sorry for myself, my siblings and especially Mamang. We will miss him forever. We will miss everything about him- from his little acts of care to the most exaggerated way he showed us love.

This is the toughest of all “toughs” for our family. But the overwhelming sympathy, support and encouragement that came from people, both known and unknown to us, helped us accept and deal with this greatest and unexpected loss. We may have been unable to extend our gratitude to all of you but please know that we do appreciate you all. Indeed, God’s great love and His sovereign goodness continue to reign amidst life’s adversities.

Although I am (and so is the rest of us) still in constant struggle between missing Papang and coping with the pain, I hold on to the Lord’s promises and continuously seek for His strength and wisdom moving forward. 

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