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Labor Day Holiday 2010

Twas a great long weekend spent with Daniel, Raquel and little Miss Annabelle.

We were warmly welcomed to their humble abode with some Filipino dishes including Sinabaw na Tahong, Ginagmay and Fruit Salad. Rice, of course, can’t be missing. After chitchatting a bit; we were toured by the lovely family around their small quiet town. The place is a lot more relaxing than Lexington, where we the hassle-buzzle of the city can become a pain sometimes. We concluded day 1, with a trip to Lieber State Recreation Area where Cataract Falls is- Indiana’s largest waterfalls. Back to their house, we had a sumptuous dinner of BBQ baby pork ribs, corn and beans. Yummy!

Daniel, Miss Annabelle, Raquel, I and Nell
with Cataract Falls behind us...

Day 2 was a Sunday and there’s no better way to start it of, than a good church service for our spiritual nourishment. We devoured good Asian food at a Chinese Restaurant for lunch. We were too full already when we got home but needed to leave right away for a Filipino get together. A variety of familiar Filipino dishes were served where we took a little bit of anything we wanted to try and still managed to dig up some room in our tummies. It was also nice getting to know a handful Filipinos who were all excited to mingle and have some fun with their fellow Filipinos. Each of us had her own story to share. I enjoyed and learned a lot from the brief and pleasant time spent with them. When it was time to part ways, we exchanged personal networking cards and reminded each other to keep in touch.

Our crazy pose at McCormicks Creek State Park.

However day 2, wasn’t over yet. We visited Indiana’s first state park- McCormick’s Creek State Park this time. We hiked along trails and got our feet soaked in the rivers, caught some shells and crawfishes for Daniel’s aquarium, and took some crazy shots of the four of us. We were worn out by the time we got home but were still very full. We spent a few more hours chatting until I gave up at half past 12.

Brownings, I and hubby with Ate Nelda and Dave...

Ate Nelda was one of the Filipinas we met at the Filipino party. She and her hubby, Dave, invited us to their place for lunch on day 3. Their house was beautifully seated in a country. We picked some veggies from their garden, got to driving and riding Dave’s ATV around their place, feasted on Ate Nelda’s well and especially prepared Filipino dishes and played Wii.

It was indeed a superb weekend and a wonderful fellowship with wonderful people.

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