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Wedding bells ringing...

Oh yeah, a good friend is getting married! Due to special request that their engagement be kept secret until the couple will formally and personally inform the girl’s parents, I choose to secrete any information of my friend’s identity.

I must admit that I have been doubtful that their relationship will last especially that they only met through cheltenham uk singles online dating. I am a firm believer that long distance relationship never lasts. But despite cynicism, I decided to be a better friend by keeping all my qualms to myself and be supportive of their relationship.

Although theirs wasn’t perfect, they have worked very hard to get to where they are now. I am a witness of how their friendship grew into a commitment of two people devotedly in love with each other. I bet it wasn’t easy. It ain’t even easy for couples who stay in the same roof. What more with distance weighing in- especially over silly misunderstandings and kinda sober fights? I really personally find it too complicated to maintain a long distance relationship where communication is at stake. It’s always better to sit down and talk things over… Don’t you think?

Oh well... they have proven me wrong! I am so happy for both of them and so looking forward for further announcements…

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