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Snowy Valentine's Night

Tired and freezing with my Valentine 
after our dinner date
at Panda Cuisine- an authentic Chinese resto

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Anonymous said...

happy vday donna! itoma kaau ninyo'g costume... :D

J o a N said...

happy valentines to one of the sweetest couple i know! love you!

donna said... in! black vday:D

@jon..nkadecide ko nga mgdate mi jon after u ask mi kung unsa amo u & u know that:-*

nakaetume said...

eytum ke neay elowvhong

Carol Connell said...

Hi Donna,

Sure hope the weather is warmer by now. We are seeing signs of spring here in California, although we are still having a lot of rain. I'm looking forward to warmer, sunnier weather. God bless you.

Carol Connell

donna said...

Hi Carol,

Days are getting better now. Although still a little bit cold, it's been pretty outside- for atleast 2 weeks now. I love it and can't wait for spring at its fullest:)

God bless!