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It is past 5PM...

.. but I am still here in the office. This is definitely NOT me. What to do? I came in late today since dear wagon baby broke down this morning. Hubby thinks it’s the battery but all 4 different neighbors suggested that it needs a new starter. Needless to say, the sudden need to replace whatever needs to be replaced will mean unexpected expenses. Oh well… rather than worrying and stressing myself out on this, I’d better be grateful that we still have something to spare for emergency costs like this. Thank you Lord.

And because our bills soared quite high for this month, I was hoping to look for ways to earn online. While surfing, I found thisarticle directory very helpful. I learned a lot of stuff from informative and interesting articles alike. What’s even cooler about it is the opportunity to share your own ideas by submitting your own write-up for free. Ain’t that a good chance to develop anybody’s writing skills and share a talent?

Anyway, I think I need to get back to work so I can get out of here. I’ll wrap up my tasks for the day, pack my stuff and leave. Hopefully, dear wagon will be fixed tonight. Good evening everyone!

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