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Goodbye 2009, hello hello 2010!

The year 2009 has gone by so fast. What started with so much fear in my heart turned out to be a year full of surprises. The Lord has blessed me countless times for which I am very grateful. I am unworthy for the most part but He remained faithful to His promises. Up to now, I remain astounded of how He’s made the impossible so easily possible. What others may see as my achievements, I give Him the glory.

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think,
according to the power that worketh in us, Ephesians 3:20 (King James Version)

As I look back, there are 3 big things that I consider His greatest miracles/ gifts for me in 2009:

- Lay offs in the company was deafening. I have remained grateful for my job but skeptical and anxious for most times. While most veteran employees in the lab lost their jobs, I was ready-ing my resume and myself for job applications to other companies. I’d rather prepare for the worst than expect too much and end up upset. I prayed about it but that did not lessen my worries. A month before my contract ended, my fone rang- a call from my agency. Before I hit the answer button, I prayed, almost crying like a scared child needing someone’s assurance that everything will be alright. The first statement from my manager was positive but I held back my emotions. I have to know the conclusion before I shout for joy. My manager congratulated me for a year extension. I happily exclaimed “Praise the Lord” to which he laughed. I know it meant nothing to him but I meant to praise my Lord for what He’s done and that is something that came from the bottom of my heart

- “This is the last time.” I murmured during my last final exam for my bachelor’s degree. “This is the last time.” I murmured again when I did my special project for my diploma in IT teaching. “This is the last time.” I murmured the same thing when I was preparing for my comprehension exam for a master’s degree. “This is the last time.” I murmured several times on every major exam in my most recent master’s degree. I am finally done with my last distance education course and yes, I am now qualified to apply for graduation. God willing, this is my 4th degree in Computer Science. This is not the thing I’ve always been dreaming of doing but for all the times that I felt like giving up, His wisdom has kept me sane, His strength has kept me going.

- After the university in charge made it clear that I needed to extend my student visa to keep my status legal by 2010, I crazily freaked out! The last thing I wanted to do is to go back to the university and enroll in another course. My only other option is to get a working visa. I have brought up the topic to my manager on the first quarter of 2009 but I was turned down due to many factors including the famous economic crisis. How am I supposed to open up the same topic to him at the beginning of the 4th quarter of the same year? I may as well sound like a broken record and get the same feedback. But I was running out of time and I have to act on it as soon as possible. I swallowed my shyness, pounded my keyboard to compose an email and hit send. My manager called me the next day or so but he can’t just decide. He has to bring up the matter to his superior. Days turned to weeks. After almost a month of follow up and pressing on, I was given a go signal. I thank the Lord for a positive response from my agency but I knew anything can happen with the rigorous processing of a work visa in this country. A 2010 working visa has to officially start October 2009, my papers were submitted on the 1st week of November. While some people doubted my chances, I too, was pessimistic. The only thing I was certain of was the Lord’s power, provision and purpose. I prayed that my visa be approved but was willing to surrender to His will. It normally takes 3-6 months, probably the longest time of waiting in my life. But beyond human comprehension, God works wonders. I received an email from the university in charge congratulating me of the visa approval followed by an attachment of the approval notice from my employer. Has it been that long? I asked my self in disbelief. It only took 1 month to procure my work visa. God is so good, I can't complain at all.

All in all, 2009 has been a great year and it would take me forever to enumerate what the Lord has done for me and my family to prove that. The world has always been unstable for me. But I am secure in the Lord. I do not know what 2010 holds for me and my family. But I am ready to face it with a bang by God’s grace. He’s held me through it all and I continue to cling on Him as this year unfolds. Happy 2010 to all, may we continue to be strong in the Lord and rejoice in His goodnessJ

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