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Sewing 101

I have thought about doing some sewing tutorials here at one point. 
But after realizing what a messy trying-hard-seamstress I am, 
I resolved to just show pictures of my so-called finished products.

I must say I am fairly new to sewing. 
In fact, I got my refurbished sewing machine not too long ago. 
I first got myself hooked into this due to my frustration in finding a dress of my size. 
I thought...
 if I’d sew my own dress, 
I can not only choose my own style 
but most importantly 
procure the perfect size that will surely give me comfort.

This was the first dress I experimentally sew...


bravely wore to my MS graduation ceremony.

I was surprised and say, flattered with my friends’ reactions. 
Those very sweet and kind compliments inspired me!

And so I thought I can make another outfit with the same bolero I used for my graduation dress.
I decided to make a blue pencil dress to add a twist to the previous.

I can’t give an excellent grade to any of them but I still must say that 
nothing beats the satisfaction and pride felt from wearing something you made.

I won't promise.
I'll TRY my very best to post more of my projects.

4 squiggly notes..:

Melissa said...

Very pretty! I love that blue material! Beautiful! I have been wanting to get my sewing machine out lately...I'm not good at all but I guess I'll never improve if I don't practice! :)

donna said...

Thank you! :) Go, go go... go grab your sewing machine. You'll learn as you work on your projects. :)

Lerrie O. said...

Inspiring story Donna! It made feel to go get my own sewing kit and start sewing.. :D keep it up!

donna said...

thans for dropping by lei.go grab one na! ;)