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Labor day weekend

I hope everyone had a great one!

Despite a few dire circumstances that I have to deal with, I remained resolute to resume our plan for the long weekend. I had a hard time searching for hotels, motels, cabins or anything reasonably priced since most nice affordable places were already fully booked. After so much net surfing and searching, I managed to make my last-minute reservation on Friday afternoon. With our bags packed, we left for Pigeon Forge in Tenesee on Saturday around past 8AM and got there almost 12 noon- checked in to the hotel, ate our lunch, rest a bit then drove to Gatlinburg.

It was a smooth 15-minute drive along the zigzag roads bordered by trees similar to Bohol’s man-made forest. I enjoyed the sweet smell of the woods with a cool serene atmosphere. I wish I could have gone down to pose for a picture with the trees as the background. Cars were unfortunately running fast and it doesn’t seem to be a picture taking spot.

We realized we were entering the city center when traffic started slowing down. It looked like the town was too small for the crowd as it seemed like everybody in America actually spent the long weekend in Gatlinburg. What I expected to be something relaxing has worn me out. The busy streets packed with both people and cars reminded me much of Cebu’s oldest street- Colon. There are several candy stores, wood carving and souvenir shops, ice cream depots, dress and handbag botiques, Ripleys amusement arcades, and a whole lot more. It was definitely a place to spend if not waste a good fortune.

In the meantime, we decided to just drive around town to contain the look and feel of the place since we can park no where. We settled on driving back to Pigeon Forge after a while to get some groceries, go shopping a little at the factory outlet stores then rest to recharge our energies for the next day.

It was past 6AM but it was still dark when we drove back to Gatlinburg on Sunday. It was definitely a better place without the massive amount of tourists. We drove to the mountains for which the view was breathtaking despite the gloomy skies. We drove around town once again to pick the different spots we want to go to later in the day.

We made our way back to Pigeon Forge to prepare for church at Sevierville, a roughly 5-minute drive from our hotel. We were giggling most of the time but we were so blessed with the preaching of the host pastor. He has an incomparable sense of humor!

Back to the hotel, we ate our lunch and got ready for a fun time at Gatlinburg in the afternoon. What was supposedly a 15-minute became a 2-hour drive. I fell asleep while hubby kept his eye on the traffic. It has gotten worst than the previous day. Thank God, we were able to catch sight of a free parking spot immediately then the fun started.


I was scared looking at it but I also wanted to reach the top and witness an overlooking view of the entire city of Gatlinburg. Hoping to conquer my fear once more, we hopped into our seats on our turn then up, up and away we went. Thinking about it now, I feel like crazy! I was clinging to hubby as tight as I can, the whole time on our way up and on our way down. I bet you can tell on the picture.

Earthquake the Ride

This is a scary train ride. I wasn’t that impressed but I screamed my lungs out several times. I feel ashamed about it but some parents, with their children, laughed at me while their kids remained calm and composed.

Mystery Mansion

This is a haunted house which I find creepier than the Earthquake ride. I again squealed countless times while hubby remained calm and smiling while we toured up and down the old mansion.

We walk and walk and walk around town

went in to some shops...

then took some more pictures...

until we got exhausted

and decided to just go back to the hotel.

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