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A minor bump

A minor bump

That’s what made my heart uncontrollably jump up and down last Friday afternoon!

We dropped by Walmart to get a bottle of solution for my contacts. I drove on our way home and as easy as I can, I pedaled on the brake as the red light signaled. Hubby and I were good until we were shaken by an abrupt loud sound that budged our car forward. I turned to look what had just happened and was saddened to realize that a large GMC truck just hit the rear of our poor car.

Hubby immediately went down to investigate how the driver of the truck was. While they made a friendly conversation, my knees were shaking as I reached for the fone to dial 911. I don’t know why now but I was so scared to death! Hubby came back telling me it wasn’t my fault. The truck driver stepped on the gas rather than the brake on the red light. She's an old lady, who wanted to leave after giving us her insurance information. We waited a while and I could tell both of us grew a bit upset when police only showed up almost 30minutes after I called. I was wondering if they would have responded the same way if it was an emergency of life and death situations. Anyway, we were given a piece of paper with case number after the officer wrapped up his mini investigation.

We spent a pretty penny for tune up, oil change and engine oil leak repair last Thursday which we thought improved the car’s condition. Unfortunately, accidents happen unexpectedly. Our car is again in bad shape now. Thankfully, the other party’s insurance will cover the expenses for the damaged caused this time. Even so, thank God nobody was injured or hurt in any way.

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