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Budget, budget, budget…

Never again will I opt for cheap vacation packages unless certain of every little detail that comes with it. I have requested my debit card be closed after dealing with our recent vacation reservation nuisance. Thus, all our purchase following that was initiated with swiping the plastic again.
I dread using my credit card. I dislike thinking about fees, amount due and due dates. It seems to me like I have no right to enjoy ownership on things that aren’t really mine because I have not paid for them in full yet. No, no. I don’t mean to sound like I have never had debts in my life. Well, at least not for luxurious motives but mostly to accommodate my responsibilities as a breadwinner of my family. I have been there and still am. AND maybe that’s the very reason why I detest the idea of credit cards.

Anyhow, my practice of diligently paying the bills on time and trying VERY hard to wipe out unnecessary spending helped me manage my debts wisely. Although I have not fully eliminated the idea of debts from my vocabulary yet THAT leaves me now with only obligatory monthly dues such as house and tuition loans and utility bills.

I can’t conclude so soon though since I am left with no choice but to use my credit card again. Cash is another option but I am not used to bringing cash all the time with me. SO I decided on coming up with a budget accounting and see how this goes. I am really hoping I will be able to save a few bucks with this idea.

Good bye long dress, skirts, sandals and bags... Byebye shopping and good luck to me!

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