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Eyes eyes baby!

I lost my precious eyeglasses on our way back home from Gatlinburg. We turned the car seats upside down but still did not find it. I forced myself to have an eye check up last year to know if there’s anything wrong with my eyes. The right one worried me much. It gets numb when too tired and a vein below it tends to protrude. Not only did it make me look harassed, it also bothers me a lot. Far from serious, doctor said that my eyesight is not that bad except that my eyes may be too strained facing the computer for more than 10hours a day. He prescribed me glasses for that problem and my eyes were cooperative enough to make me feel better.

Unfortunately yeah, because I am CARELESS, they vanished without my blessing. My right eye looked miserable for almost a week without it. I walked in to another clinic for a second opinion. Doctor said that my right eye was weak compared to the left. I opted for contacts and left the clinic with disposables on my eyes for a week observation.

Although the first week was a bit work- putting them on and taking them out every few hours, I love the comfort they give than having to wear eyeglasses. It’s my second week now and I guess I need to order a year’s supply as soon as I can to get them for a cheaper price- not a want but definitely a need!

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