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Meeting with the Manager

He called a 30-minute meeting yesterday. It was a short-notice so I thought it would be nothing serious, maybe just some information that our department needs to know. Indeed, it was. He enlightened us to put our worries aside and just work. The “budget cut” meetings of the management team has already been put to halt and “lay offs” seem to be quiet these days after a few months of being the loudest issue here.

Although I don’t always feel the greatest about my job, I am more than grateful I have a work to think about and a workplace to go to every day. I appreciate the Lord’s providence that I am able to pay monthly bills on or before their due dates. I thank Him for making me a blessing to my family back home. Though not luxurious, I feel blessed that we can afford short vacation trips out of town or simply go on road trips. We can shop for our needs and spare a little for our wants. These and so many more… A day won’t be enough to blog about the Lord’s goodness and greatness in my life.

Our meeting yesterday was good news. Since my contract was extended, I’ve thought about thanking my manager personally many times. Yesterday seems to be a perfect timing to approach him or maybe email him after the meeting. As usual I was too shy… After agonizing myself about it for a moment, I realized one thing- praise is due to the One makes things happen.

The Lord has turned things around for me countless times. He let me witness His amazing power over what is impossible to my human eye. He is beyond what words can describe. I can never never thank Him enough and I just love Him today!

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