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On going back to Kentucky...

We checked out early from the hotel on Monday. We stopped by the factory outlet store again to do a little bit more of shopping and dropped by at the free preview of the Titanic.

It opens on April 2010 which appears be a very cool museum for me to which I am excited to visit come its grand opening.

We were supposed to go see two more sites but with the traffic jam, we decided to just get past the one in Sevierville and go straight to an indoor aquarium further away from highway 66. I have never been so frustrated with a horrible traffic here in America except at that time. I got easily irritated with hubby’s giving space to other drivers trying to merge to our lane. Traffic was severely slow and we were hardly moving any distance after one car and another then another was given a chance by my generous husband to go ahead of us. Before I can punch hubby’s face, I diverted my attention to taking pictures. Traffic got a little better until we discovered its root cause.

I got scared looking at the scene.

I thought it was a big bike under the Chevrolet truck, but looking closely at it, it was a car smashed under the big truck. I could hardly imagine any survivor in that small car.

I loosened up a bit as we drove passed it and continued to our destination for a break- Bass Pro Shops. It was an outdoor equipment store.

Most items were expensive but certainly of good quality.

When it’s time to go, hubby told me to drive. I was so tensed, I cannot get rid of the remains of car wreck we just witnessed. I tried driving but I was all anxious. After almost bumping into a van running at 90MPH, I finally told hubby I can’t do it. We again stopped over the nearest rest area which was already within Kentucky boundaries. We took a 15minute break and drove again. We got home at almost 8PM. I thank the Lord for keeping His hand on our trip but I can’t help thinking about the accident.

I searched for news the following morning only to find out that it was a 6-car crash that injured 18 people -2 of them, a mother and a child in critical and the another one in serious conditions. I do not know how they differentiate critical and serious here but I do pray for a miracle among the victims, especially those in terrible state. Some news stories reported that culprit was suspiciously drunk who stupidly tried to escape from authorities.

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Carol Connell said...

Hi Donna,

Glad you made it home okay from your trip. It is a scary thing seeing a car wreck. It makes you realize how fragile life really is. We have a new Bass Pro Shop about an hour away from us, which I visited for the first time last month. My son just loves that place.

God bless!

Carol Connell

donna said...

Hi Carol!

Life is indeed so fragile! A sister from church once said that we need to pray before leaving the house coz we sometimes don't know what to say anymore in the face of danger or tragedy. We need His protection everywhere and in everything we do... I am so thankful He's keeping his eye on us.