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Yeah, summer’s been super fun already. We’ve been out for two straight hot Saturdays, all of which were awesome. We still have the next Saturdays packed up with outdoor activities. We could only wish our loved one s are here to enjoy each summer weekend with us. They’d surely love it especially those church fellowship activities.

Back home, we usually go to beaches during summer time. But what I like most is when my dad drives far from the city for a road trip then we’ll hang out on the province’s “country side.” My favorite part is when we shoot for coconuts using his 45-caliber gun. I remember my first time. I hit the target! The coconuts that fell will be used for “buko” salad later in the day for a refreshing snack.

I’ve always been proud to be a captain’s daughter and I bet, dad’s prouder of me to be able to point and shoot coconuts for food.

Maybe when he gets here, hunting will be cool. I wonder if a 45-caliber gun is allowed for such. Then a Blackhawk SERPA Holster will be a good idea to add convenience.

Oh I miss my papang now! It's almost father's day...

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