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So it's June!

I feel like it’s always this time of the year when I start cramming to accomplish my goals for the year (if indeed I have any). I am not the type of person who really set them- maybe general plans, but not those target-to-detail type objectives. I am one of those who go-with-the-flow-on-whichever-path-life-leads-me-to people. In fact most things that happened in my life were not planned accordingly.

I’d say I’m simply unworthily amazingly blessed.

My contract with my current employer is about to end- in two weeks or so, I believe. Will it be renewed? I can only give you a blank stare for an answer. I haven’t heard from the recruiting agency and I have not heard anything from my manager too. I have not been busy with anything lately. There have been plenty of days like this, so I am not sure if being idle gives me the right idea.

Of course, I’m scared. I’m worried. But who am I to paint a picture of my future on my own? As someone accurately stated, “I do not know my future, but I know the One who holds my future!” Isn’t the grip of the One who has it firm enough to keep me secure? That gives me a reason to let go and let these tiny little hands relax.

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