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This is not a rant

...just a long story to blog about.

I asked hubby to drop me near Payless before we got into Walmart parking lot yesterday.

As I opened the door, my eyes instantly feasted on the wide selection of sandals which were on sale. I heart Espadrilles (which I cannot even pronounce) so very much so I spend most of my time trying on different styles. My feet are long and slender (and don’t forget, ugly) which always give me a hard time looking for the right size to suit them. So I am mostly having a hard time letting go of something once it made my feet feel oh-so-beautiful.

I slipped on one size to another but was a bit disappointed they were kind of big for my feet. I went into the other aisle and found a pair of the same kind that I fell in love at first sight with, and alas, they were just right for my size. I asked the cashier what happens if I get only one pair. How will “Buy 1, Get 1 on 50% off” apply? She snobbishly replied that I don’t get anything if I only get one item. Wanting to get the Espadrilles so bad and at the same time avail of the discount, I patiently retreated from our conversation and told hubby to look for something so we could avail of latter.

The shoe he was eyeing on was too big for him. He then turned to the same lady I was talking to earlier and inquired if they still have a smaller size of that pair. She showed almost the same kind of gesture as she did with me, telling him that what he’ll see on display are the only items left. That’s fine, thank you…but she could have said it in a better, well-mannered and friendlier way. We would understand anyway. No worries.

Hubby suggested that I can get a purse just so I can avail of the discount, which the cashier agreed although still a bit grumpy. So I took a few rounds in the purse section but found none that caught my attention. I went back to the sandals section and stumbled upon a simple but elegant pair of flats. Since we took hours and hours in the store already and we still have to look for something at Walmart, I resolutely went to the cashier to pay for my items.

Now, that was the long introduction there. The story starts here.

Before she scanned my beloved Espadrilles, I asked her for its price, wanting to confirm that it was indeed $5 off the original price. Her face, quite irritated, penciled in a frown telling me that if I can find a box of my size tagged with $5 off, then I’d get it at that price. Otherwise, I’ll have to pay the original price. I was a bit hesitant but I paid for the items since I can get the other one for 50% off anyway.

This morning I opened Payless website out of the blue and found out that those Espadrilles were indeed at $5 off. I called the store and talked to the same cashier I paid my items to. She insisted that only the pink pairs were on $5 off this time contrary to her reasoning yesterday. After much more patience on her stupid reasoning, she said she opened their website and the item was not on $5 off. How come, I am on the same website, looking on the same product and mine was on $5 off…..!?! When she said that I am more than welcome to return the item, I finally said okay.

And the story is not over. I dialed Payless’ 1800 number, inquired of the item’s price and customer service confirmed that same item was on $5 off and so, I started telling my story. I was calm but admitted that I was so pissed of especially that she lied to me, maybe intentionally, just to prove she was right and I was wrong. Customer service apologized and said he entered all needed information to a complaint form that will be brought to the district manager’s attention as well as the store manager. To soothe my aggravation, customer service assured a $15 gift card for me.

I can hear that, oh-come-on-it’s-JUST-$5-no-biggie comment. I know that. I just didn’t like being lied to, being fooled that her website showed something else when in fact we are opening exact same URL. I just don’t understand what makes it too hard for her to admit her fault. I won’t punch her for that.

Anyway, that’s finally the end of my long story. The moral is “admitting mistakes is not a fault, failing to correct them is.” I hope she learns a lesson when her manager confronts her about this and I hope there’d be no other victim thereafter.

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