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Cool trip gone hot.

It was a 95 degree summer day. We were on the road , all excited and happy and definitely can’t wait to get to our camp grounds. It’s still about an hour 30 minutes more to our destination when one of us raised the uncomfortable feeling of the increasing warmth inside the car.

All of us remained quiet about it even that has been unanimously felt for a while already. Seated in front I took a close look at the AC only to discover it was not working anymore. Realizing this, we opened the car windows that sure helped us the get some air but did not lessen our agony of the hot summer day.

Per time estimate, we’ll get there 15 minutes before the opening ceremony which means we cannot delay our trip, drop by one of those car shops and get the AC fixed. We need to get to our destination on time as most of us have responsibilities for the opening ceremony. I therefore conclude that we have mercy on the AC’s misbehavior and endure the day’s hot weather plus humidity.

Lesson: Have your car and everything in it ready for a long trip. Check the wheels and make sure the reserved tire has enough air pressure. Inspect your AC for summer trip and the heater on wintertime. Ensure brakes, diesel fuel pump and the like work good.

I don’t have much experience on cars so I prefer to have everything check on an auto shop. That gives me enough assurance that my car will get me to wherever sfe and sound.

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