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Free food = block party

As previously stated, details will follow soon. So here it goes…

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. We drove off to church to help prepare for the block party at Kirklevington park scheduled at 12 noon. There was a total of about 10 different vehicles- cars, vans, trucks and the church bus, all filled with our needs for the rest of the day- hotdogs and buns, sodas, mineral water, prizes, grills, people and the baptistry.

As we got there, preparations and arrangements were made quick since many church members showed up to help and support the cause of the party. Flyers were distributed a couple weeks earlier but some members continued to knock doors within the park vicinity to invite more people to join us.

Scoober, our dog mascot
also patiently stood by the side road
waving his free food sign to attract people to come to the party.

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Music was rendered by different people and groups all day to entertain people. A total of 190 registered guests partook of the provision prepared by the church. Some had quick introduction about our church, our faith and our doctrine. Kids were all around playing by the playground, goofing around with Scoober, surrounding Ballooney for their flower, animal and hat balloons, eagerly waiting in queue to have their faces painted by Melissa, some blowing bubbles while others grabbing balloons only to let them fly away. Kids rush to Brother Chris every time registration tickets are drawn for different prizes. While guardians patiently baby sit the kids, they were also compensated with prizes, of course, other than toys.

We were all excited to see God move and were very happy to see people enjoy an Apostolic atmosphere throughout the day. Brother Antwain preached for about 15minutes. Many stayed to listen. Some repented of their sins. A few others wanted bible studies. The good report concludes with 9 being baptized in Jesus’ name and 1 receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. A total of 9 people from our valued party guests were on Sunday school yesterday. Follow up such as phone calls, visitations and bible studies will be organized.

I say amen to what was said in the pulpit yesterday- “I want to go to heaven. I want my spouse to be in heaven with me. I want to bring our children there too. Sure, I want my family, friends and all my loved ones in heaven. And if I can, I also want to bring those I don’t know to heaven.”

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Carol Connell said...

Glad to hear of God blessing your outreach efforts with folks repenting, being baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost. Thanks for sharing the good report!