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Sharing a Recipe & a DIY

Today we had a potluck at church and 
I brought this delectable red velvet cheesecake bites.
Of course, I'm sharing the recipe! 
I found it on Pinterest that brought me here.
So easy yet so yummy.
Also wanted to share this practical DIY laundry detergent
that is a lot cheaper than the commercial detergent 
and fabric softener selections found at any store racks.
I love how our clothes smell and 
I am confident it cleans very well.
That's it for now!
Too lazy to post my latest sewing project.
Y'all have a good labor day holiday.

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Apostolic Modest said...

How can I follow your blog?

donnalyn said...

Hi! :) Thanks for visiting! Below my labels, you can see click on "Join this site" button under "My Lovely Readers." Then you can use your blogger account through Google option. I hope that'll help..