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We hardly ever stay put on Saturdays.

And when we do, it makes me all agitated to get as much items, as I can, crashed out on my invisible to-do list.

Other than cleaning and decluttering, last Saturday was intended for…

The last two pots are cucumbers.  And the other three?  Yes, sweet potato vines. What’s considered a decorative plant here is a common food in the Philippines. Those pretty leaves are as edible as the roots. OKaayyy, remember that we live in an apartment. So that’s the best we can do for gardening. Hubby is as negative as some of you maybe. They’re all vines which mean they need to be planted on a bigger space like a real garden and not pots.  Oh well, we’ll deal with it as they grow bigger. For now, I’m just happy they have survived 4 days in pots.

Last Sunday,I brought this baked leche flan
and again, pickle wraps
for our potluck at church to celebrate the Kappmeyers’ 40th wedding anniversary.
That's how our weekend went. Hope y'all had a great one, too.

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Ma. Danica Singayan said...

himo nya ani inig uli ninyo diri te :D