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Yay, it's Friday! :)

Once again.. linking up with Angela at PoodlePoddles ,
Lauren at From My Grey Desk.
and with "Mommy" at Pink Thoughts

 Our 5-year MEMENTO... His is an Archos while mine is the Galaxy tab...
And while he plays the guy game, I try to entertain myself with a word game...


Right at first glance, I knew this is meant for me!

 I love my faux fur coat! I was debating to myself on whether to return it or not until I wore it for the first time last Sunday. It was bought a month ago at 50% discount but I was skeptical especially because this is size small from the KIDS’ section. Thankfully, I was giving myself a grace period to think it over. Hopefully, the fickle-minded in me remains lifeless so I can keep this fab piece in my wardrobe. And oh by the way, the building I’m heading to is our church here.

Filipino goodies from the Asian store.. I tend to skip breakfast
and sometimes lunch when I get too work-absorbed in the office.
Dried mangoes, coconut cookies and puto seko biscuits do their best
to gratify my boisterous neglected tummy.

My favorite shot at the Kite Festival.

Here's to wishing everyone another blessed weekend!

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Angela said...

The handbag sign is so funny! :)
Love the kite picture! :)

Thanks for linking up with my Friday Favorites! :)

Rocks said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog :)became your follower too!!

Leah H. said...

Yummy foods, beautiful pictures..

Visiting for PF- hope you can stop by:)

Rosemarie said...

nice coat, visiting for Pink Fridays, I hope you can pay me a visit too at

see you!!!!

lanie said...

nice post, visiting you from PF hope you can visit me too..thanks
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Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Ohh a kite festival?!
That sounds like fun :)

Hope your weekend is all kinds of wonderful, girl!