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Hello June!

I am BACK! *grin*
Yes, I’m still alive. Just been hibernating from the blog world. 
Because I’ve been lazy again. 
Because I was sick on and off. 
Because of the sudden/unpredictable weather change 
that can happen within 8 hours. 
Oh, how fun!  *sigh*
I can’t remember all of it but I’ll post pictures to tell the story of May.
Too bad, that we missed the chance for this year’s spring pictures.
When I say spring pictures- I mean flowers, specifically tulips in the pictures. 

Oh well, I'll take the perfect weather in the pictures above than nada . :)
We achieved our 11th year of dating. *wink*
We bonded with the Howards for the long weekend. 
Unfortunately,  this is the only decent picture we have- only with the very sweet Gina.

That’s pretty much it.
Some days, I've been learning pingpong.
Most days…  I’ve been sneezing like maniac!

2 squiggly notes..:

Giancarlo said...

Un caloroso saluto...ciao

Donnalyn said...

gracias, amigo! :)