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DIY: Dress Into A Blouse

I ordered this dress from Ebay. 
Although it was advertised with pretty pictures, 
I was disappointed when I tried it on.
It was too big on me and too short for my liking.
Returns and exchanges cannot be an option
since I'll have to pay for the shipping.
So my solution was to alter the dress to my size
and make it a suitable blouse.
1. I removed the side zipper of the dress.
2.  Sew the white lines (see first picture above) on the sides of the dress.
3. Cut the dress short through horizontal white line (see first picture above) and hem.
First, it felt like I may have chopped the dress way too short for my blouse.
Thankfully, I'm a shorty myself so it's no biggy.
Matching blue and yellow makes a totally pretty outfit. Don't you think?
 But until people from church pointed it out, I did not realize, 
I was actually wearing a Snow White outfit. 

4 squiggly notes..:

SewPetiteGal said...

This turned out beautifully! That shade of blue pairs so nicely with the yellow - great job!

Donnalyn@Squigglesss said...

awww... Thanks :) i'm hooked to your DIY's myself.

Gnis said...

La! Natagpuan na jd ni nako. Bookmarked!
Bilib na au ko nmo la ay! Hmmm... Ma inspire mn pd ko buy og manahi pd. hehehe
-lola g.

Ruby Girl said...

nice work! i love blue & yellow together too. that skirt is great!! xoxo linds {{}}