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How big is He?

I went for a walk around the company's facility with my Iranian officemate. Her objective is to lose weight while mine is to kill time. Coming back to my desk, I was approached by an Indian officemate asking to check my IP address. There was a virus outbreak since last week and it seems like this has not been resolved yet. Thank goodness, it wasn't my development nor test machine!

I sat down to check the bugs on our team's list and can't find anything fixable for me- not even the lowest priority ones.I switched to our local IM window and everybody else in our team except myself and a teammate are already offline. I looked at the clock and it's not even 3 o'clock yet.

"Bored?"- an officemate accross my desk finally noticed how bored I might be. I smiled and confirmed I was. He asked me if I read about the company's website article and again I said yes. "Kinda scary huh?" And again, I said yes. He said that the regulars are currently having a meeting about it. That's probably the reason why all my teammates are offline and the other one just had his status changed to away, I thought.

The article mentioned something about "restructuring" and that 375 positions will be affected. Who wouldn't be alarmed with that? If them citizens or even regulars can get distressed with this news, what more tension would that mean for us with temporary visa?

Indeed, no job, profession, house, car, not even any amount of money can conceal the insecurity this world brings. I'm just grateful that I have a God much bigger than all the troubles this world can give. "How big is He? GREAT BIG GOD!" -mercy over me

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