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I am at peace with my blog's look and feel after serious deliberation. Although I still would want to modify its font color and sizes, add more widgets and beautify it a li'l bit more,I have to remind myself to take it slow before I get so obsessed with this. So I am taking one step at a time for now.
I am enjoying every bit of it but I am missing some other things I need to do. Another DE(distance education) course has just started last Monday and I haven't done anything for it yet. I haven't started watching the video taped lessons nor even just checked if the CD's are all good.I still don't have the reference books so needless to say,not one reading assignment has been done too. Even here in the office, I've been trying to play with the HTML tags all day yesterday.Tl is away so I played. I usually limit my internet surfing and be bothered just when I thought I have surfed more than enough already. But yesterday, I just can't get myself to stop from playing around with my new blog.tsk tsk tsk... I planned to get started with my DE course when I get home in the afternoon.But again all I did was to continue doing stuff for this blog.
Now here I am,pounding my keyboard for just another entry to post. Let me end this for now so I could get myself to start with my work.

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