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Happy 102nd Birthday Ms Sarah!

That's her beside me and yes, you read it right. She's a hundred and two years young today. She's a very sweet lady, who used to be my seat mate on the van and even at church. She tells me a lot of stories about life that I'd love to hear and we'd laugh about it together. Though I really don't know her that much, I believe she's a very good soul.

This picture was taken on a Sunday after her baptism in Jesus' name. Sorry for the blur, I don't have another picture of her.

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Carol Connell said...

Hi Donna,

I'd say Sarah looks great for 102, and you are a beautiful young lady too. How long ago was she baptized? I love to hear about elderly people getting baptized in Jesus' name and filled with the Holy Ghost. I remember in my younger days when my husband and I were living in New York, we had an 89 year old man come to the church we attended, and we were there when he received the Holy Ghost. It was awesome!

A very Happy Birthday to Ms. Sarah!


Carol Connell

donna said...

Thank you Carol. Yeah, she doen't look her age. She's very sweet and soft-spoken. We're praying she'll receive the Holy Ghost too.