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Exploring the East Coast (Part 3)

I was told that without experiencing the Big Apple, one can never really claim having been to America. I’ve been here since fall of 2007 so guess I’ve never really been to America until this road trip! It was nice to see the its skyline from afar but the city was overwhelming in actuality. Our navigator acted up on our way to Queens from Niagara and brought us to the 34th St of the eminent, Manhattan. Traffic felt like home, where rules are widely accepted as suggestions resulting to chaos rather than order. Most if not all areas we’ve explored were densely crowded, probably, not just with visitors but including the locals relishing the weekend.
Above collage only contains some of sites we visited. I will have to post the rest of the pictures in Facebook or this entry will end up talking about New York City entirely. We probably have not covered all the tourist spots, mundane or prominent, but that’s okay. That’d be a good reason to visit again.  We’re equally happy and grateful for the experience. Thanks to Jackoi and Monic for their very kind hospitality and accommodation. We long to return the favor when you come visit us in the Midwest someday and hopefully soon.
Philly did not make much appeal to me until we got there. Not only did it play a significant role in the declaration of US independence, Philadelphia has also served as the temporary capital of the United States at some point.  Our tour of the Independence National Historic Park started at the Liberty Pavilion. It felt unreal to actually see and touch the iconic Liberty Bell.  What I thought was an ugly emblem of the postage stamps was actually one of the bells that historians believed to have rung in an affirmation of the country’s independence. Then there’s the well-preserved Independence Hall, where Congress meetings were held to evaluate the US Constitution and even declare the American independence.
Washington DC was our next point of interest. Been there four or so years ago but our time was insufficient to explore and enjoy the place. Hubby and I were fortunate enough to have friends from Baltimore, approximately an hour away from DC, who warmly accommodated us in their humble abode. Thanks to the Catayas family and Garcia couple. We are doubly blessed with your generosity of sharing your home with us. We truly look forward to share ours with you too.
We missed our schedule of the Pentagon tour that hubby had reserved almost a month prior to our trip. Our drive from Baltimore was delayed due to unexpectedly slow flow of traffic. Nonetheless, we pursued to pay our respects to the heroes of the 911 attacks. 
In DC, the Capitol tour was most remarkable for me. The interior design of the building was amazingly and impressively rich in history. We were hoping to get up to the observation deck of the Washington memorial but tickets were sold out. Then again, there’s always a next time! We strolled, hung around the area for quite a bit then finally took a picture took a shot of the Lincoln monument building before heading home.
Lastly, we could not resist the urge to stop over Kentucky, which I’m glad we did! It was beyond wonderful to see family and friends. Wish we could have spent a longer quality time with everyone but gotta do what we gotta do, come back home to reality.

Our East Coast road trip wasn't flawless but I can't complain, not at all. Too blessed to be stressed, humbled and forever thankful for the Lord's protection, travelling mercies and provision throughout our trip. Just as it is written, He sent an Angel before us, to keep us in the way, and to bring us into the place which He has prepared. - Exodus 23:20

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Sheila said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I love New York!

xo - Sheila

squigglesss said...

It def was a lot of fun but I sure did miss home.:)