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Exploring the East Coast (Part 2)

Of all the places comprising our itinerary, Niagara was what I looked forward to the most. Days prior to our trip, hubby showed me videos on YouTube where people get drenched while on a boat ride across the river below the falls. For some reason, this worked up my nerves into serious fidgety. Whenever we plan trips and even ordinary dates, I almost always care for only two things- one, if it’d make a good photo shoot location and two, (and more importantly) if it'd offer a good dining experience. But with Niagara, all I wanted was to feel the water! Maybe because it’s summer and it was too hot out, maybe because I miss being on the beach, maybe because I have never seen a waterfall in any way, form or shape, or maybe because it was simply a much needed vacation. Irregardless, Niagara, we're coming!!!
It was a 4-hour drive to get there from Pittsburgh. I was kind enough to share the pain of driving with hubby. Although I’m not fond of geography, I was in the best(est) mood to listen to hubby’s lectures about Niagara on our way. I eagerly nodded, as if I cared and understood everything, while he patiently conveyed every bit of information he gathered from his research. The stubborn-wife-attentively-listening-to-the-husband happens very rarely, so that, in itself, was a blessing to the man.
But hey, I absorbed the fact that the name Niagara is actually a collective name for three falls- American, Horseshoe and the Bridal Veil falls. Anyway...
The Maid of the Mist was at the outset. This passenger boat (spot it on the previous picture above) sets sail across the river and gets close to the bottom of the Horseshoe falls, that bathe the passengers with a bounteous mist coming from the very powerful rush of the waterfalls. We ended up taking off our hopeless sunglasses as our vision clouded up with water. Although the ponchos provided looked cheap and unreliable, those plastic babies actually surpassed my doubts, keeping us from getting fully soaked up. I was thankful hubby won the argument over having to wear the poncho or not.
The Aquarium did not have a whole lot but we were lucky to catch the sea lion show. It was short but sweet enough to melt the audience’s hearts as the onstage sea lions outperformed themselves in every act, not showing any hint of old age or bitter past.
Adventure Theater was both entertaining and interesting. We watched a movie that narrated the legend and history of Niagara. It was a great way to sit back and relax after some hiking in the park. Then there was Niagara Gorge Center, which showcased antiquated exhibits that provided information on history, fossils and geological formation. Not my thing but their time-capsule-like elevator was pretty cool. It virtually fell a course of 12,000 years explaining the development of the gorge at every drop.

We unknowingly saved what was unexpectedly the best for last- the Cave of the Winds. The elevator dropped 175 feet down the Niagara Gorge, trailing to a wooden alley towards the hurricane deck. We were welcomed by the mighty surge of the Bridal Veil Falls face to face! Believe it’s the best means to get real close to the falls and to me, the best way to experience the falls. If the blue ponchos saved us, the yellow ones weren't fully geared up for the hurricane!
It was the most wonderful feeling I’ve felt in a verrryyyy long time, I could stay there forever.
Night came when we wrapped up our Niagara experience 
with the illumination of the falls and fireworks.
Niagara was the best part of this road trip and definitely the best experience yet... an experience I want my loved ones to experience too. The breathtaking attraction made me realize, once again, how blessed I am and how awe-mazing my God is. Many, O LORD my God, are Thy wonderful works which Thou hast done, and Thy thoughts which are to us-ward: they cannot be reckoned up in order unto Thee: if I would declare and speakof them, they are more than can be numbered. - Psalm 40: 5

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